Rain Barrels

A rain barrel captures rain water from your roof, which you can then store and use. Rain water is ideal for a multitude of applications, including biodynamic and organic vegetable gardens, planter beds for botanicals, indoor tropicals like ferns and orchids, automobile washing and cleaning household windows. Saving water in this manner can reduce your demand of treated tap water and save money by lowering your water and sewer bills.

Only ¼ inch of rainfall runoff from the average roof will completely fill the typical barrel.

Rain water diversion also helps decrease the burden on the Field’s Point and Bucklin Point Wastewater Treatment Facilities and your local municipal drainage systems during storms.

Once or twice a year, the Narragansett Bay Commission hosts a rain barrel distribution day at its Providence offices. To inquire about the next distribution event, please contact the Public Affairs Office at nbcpr@narrabay.com.