Narragansett Bay Commission Names Pawtucket’s Heon “Environmental Educator of the Year”

The Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) has selected Kimberly Heon, a second-grade teacher at Agnes Little Elementary School, as its 2020-2021 NBC Watershed Explorer Environmental Educator of the Year. The NBC’s Watershed Explorers program provides hands-on water quality education to students in grades 2-5 and has won numerous national awards for excellence.

Heon, a thirty-year veteran of the Pawtucket system, has participated in the NBC’s Watershed Explorer program for over fifteen years, engaging her students in hands-on water quality science and weaving important environmental lessons into other parts of her curriculum to reinforce her students’ knowledge of key environmental science concepts.

NBC Environmental Education Coordinator Cynthia Morissette presented Heon with inaugural award during Teacher Appreciation Week. "I am extremely proud to present the first NBC Watershed Explorer Educator of the Year Award to Mrs. Heon,” Morissette said. “She is an exceptional educator who works tirelessly to create the most comprehensive educational experiences for her students. Her compassion and dedication, ensuring that all students love learning is what makes her so special.”

Over the last year, even with all the difficulties and challenges of distance learning, Heon continued to support the Watershed Explorer Program. Her students' involvement with NBC remained strong through virtual lessons, conducting water testing, building models of a watershed, learning about macroinvertebrates, and creating informational posters about a variety of water-dependent critters.

“I am a proud graduate of Pawtucket Schools- attending Baldwin Elementary, Slater Junior High School and Shea Senior High School,” remarked Heon. The University of Rhode Island graduate says her favorite subject to teach is Science, and over the past year she and her students have virtually followed the progress of a Robin family, from nest-making to fledgling and completed a virtual dissection of  owl pellets in conjunction with the Audubon Society.

“Mrs. Heon is a shining example of what every educator should strive to be,” said Morissette as she delivered the award.