Narragansett Bay Commission Offers On-Line Options for Ratepayers

On Tuesday, January 22, the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) will institute a new customer service system that will allow NBC ratepayers the option for paperless billing.

“We understand that our ratepayers lead busy lives and need options that take into consideration their often hectic schedules while also taking advantage of our increasing access to technology,” said NBC Executive Director Laurie Horridge.

NBC ratepayers will still be able to mail in their monthly sewer bills or come to the NBC offices in person to settle accounts if they choose. However, starting on Tuesday, January 22, they will also have the choice to receive, view and pay bills on-line, to securely store payment information for future use, to set up one-time or recurring payments, and to view their statements and transaction history. A new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will also offer customers the ability to make a payment or check their balance at any time via phone.

In order to access the on-line options, customers must register for the new system on NBC’s website,

The NBC was recognized in 2017 as a Utility of the Future for its strong environmental performance and commitment to renewable energy. The agency’s work for clean water has dramatically improved the health of Narragansett Bay and the urban rivers, leading to dramatic decreases in bathing beach closures and increased access to valuable shellfishing grounds. NBC’s Chairman Vincent Mesolella and the entire Board of Commissions have long supported the adoption of paperless business practices as an environmental initiative.

“As an environmental organization, we’re excited about the opportunity to reduce our use of paper,” Horridge noted, “but especially we hope to make our customer service efforts more convenient for our ratepayers.”