Narragansett Bay Commission Recognized by National Association of Clean Water Agencies as Clean Water Success Story and for Continued Operational Excellence

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) has named the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) as one of fifty American Clean Water Success Stories over the past fifty years. The honor reflects the NBC’s commitment to improving the water quality in Narragansett Bay and the urban rivers, protecting public health, and robustly pursuing renewable energy and other community-focused programs.

The focus of the Clean Water Success Stories designation is to acknowledge that although wastewater agencies may have been created solely to deal with pollution, now many agencies are leading the charge on resource recovery, are true innovators and frontline environmentalists, and are anchoring and transforming communities and their economies through a sustainable one-water approach.

“Narragansett Bay is cleaner than it has been in 150 years,” noted NBC Chairman Vincent Mesolella. “We’re proud of the role we have played in that recovery and very gratified by this recognition. Much of the work we do at the NBC is never seen, but everyone can see the benefits of a cleaner and healthier bay.”

In addition, NACWA presented the NBC with two of this year’s NACWA Peak Performance Awards. This annual award is presented to honorees who have achieved excellence in operational performance and permit compliance. The NBC’s Bucklin Point Wastewater Treatment Facility received a Gold Award, which indicates no permit violations over the last calendar year; the Field’s Point Wastewater Treatment Facility received a Silver Award, which indicates fewer than five permit violations over the last calendar year.

Adam Krantz, Chief Executive Officer of NACWA, congratulated this year’s honorees, noting: “Our public utility members are the backbone of the communities they serve, providing safe, reliable access to clean water services day-in and day-out. The Peak Performance Award ceremony is our chance to shine a national spotlight on those outstanding clean water utilities that have demonstrated operational excellence. These utilities represent the top performers in the whole country and go above and beyond in their mission to protect public health and the environment.“