Abatement Program

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The NBC has established an abatement program whereby you may apply for abatement consideration for a particular property if you believe that more than 15% of the water consumption does not enter the sewer system.

Requests for abatements require the completion of the Sewer User Abatement application and the payment of a $70.00 application processing fee in accordance with the rates approved by the Public Utilities Commission. You will also be required to sign a Terms and Conditions agreement with the understanding that violation of this agreement may result in the suspension or removal of the abatement status. Abatement or output meters are installed at the customer’s expense and only after NBC engineers have approved the placement and operation of all meters. Any adjustment to the bill becomes effective from the approval date forward and is not retroactive to cover previous usage. In accordance with the Abatement Program Terms & Conditions, all customers whose abatement is for irrigation are required to submit annual meter readings for both the city/town water meter(s) and the abatement meter, no later than October 31st. Effective June 1, 2018, all customers who request a member of NBC’s staff conduct a site visit to obtain these readings will be assessed a $35.00 fee.

If you wish to participate in the abatement program, please click on the following link to download the forms you need. The completed application may be e-mailed to cs@narrabay.com. The NBC Customer Service Research Section will contact you to conduct a site visit to view the abatement system.

Narragansett Bay Commission Abatement Application & Terms and Conditions