Sewer Connection Permit

Owners of property located within the NBC service district must obtain an NBC sewer connection permit prior to installing a new service connection to the public sewer system which discharges to an NBC wastewater treatment facility.  Property owners with existing connections that will increase the flow from the structure by 20% or more are also required to obtain an NBC sewer connection permit.   This permit process is necessary to confirm that NBC collection and treatment facilities can properly accept and process the additional flows to the sewer system.  Connecting a discharge pipe to the NBC system without obtaining a connection permit is illegal.

Property owners must submit a complete sewer connection permit package, which includes the permit application, permit fee, site plan and floor plans before the application can be processed.

Once all required information has been received, the Permit staff will promptly process the application.  Typically, residential connection permits are issued within approximately three (3) business days.  Permits for commercial projects are typically processed within 10 business days.

The Permit Team staff is available to assist you in completing and filing an NBC sewer permit application.  Should you have any questions or want a hard copy of the application mailed to you, please call the Permit Team at (401) 461-8848 or email us at  You may also schedule a meeting with one of the Permits Team members during normal business hours, from 8:30am to 4:00pm, should you require additional assistance.

To download a PDF version of the permit application, just click on the title or the icon above. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to download a PDF file. 

To apply online, please visit