Health & Safety Program

The Narragansett Bay Commission’s (NBC) award-winning Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Program provides training and safety information to all its employees on a continuous basis, and adheres to specific Goal Objectives in an attempt to promote a safe, productive, and behavior-based culture of awareness, in alignment with NBC’s Strategic Plan.

Safety training is conducted in accordance with OSHA General Industry Regulations (29 CFR 1910), and all other applicable standards. Employees are given initial and refresher training in such areas as Permit - required Confined Space Entry, Occupational Noise Exposure, Infectious Material Exposure Control, Emergency Action Plans, Hazard Communication, and the Control of Hazardous Energy (LO/TO) procedures.

NBC’s Safety Compliance Coordinator conducts a monthly inspection of one of the agency’s several Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).

NBC has developed and maintains site specific Emergency Preparedness Plans, written Safety Programs and an assortment of safety oriented Standard Operating Procedures, policy documents and fact sheets readily available to all employees. Training courses ensure the safety of all employees through hands-on demonstration, in addition to PowerPoint lectures and video presentations. Optional online safety training is also available to all employees.

The safety of all NBC employees is paramount. To this end, NBC’s EH&S Program remains committed to continuously encouraging employees to perform their job duties in a safe manner. This is accomplished through the promoted use of personal protective equipment and safe work practices, initial and annual employee mandatory safety training events, publication of employee safety-related articles in NBC’s monthly employee newsletter, “The Pipeline,” regularly held Safety Committee meetings, and non-mandatory on-site NBC sponsored safety events such as Defensive Driving Seminars and Health and Wellness Fairs.

For more information on NBC’s Environmental Health & Safety Program, please contact Dave Aucoin, Safety Compliance Coordinator at (401) 461-8848, ext. 418