NBC Sewer Connection Permit Program

The Sewer Connection Permitting staff assists businesses and home owners to connect their wastewater flows to the public sewer system. The mission of the Sewer Connection Permitting Program is to assist property owners within our service district to promptly connect to the NBC sewer system. The property owners are required to apply for a sewer connection permit before they make a service connection to a public sewer line. The NBC permit program ensures that the NBC collection system infrastructure is protected, and ensures that new connections are properly made to the public sewer system. The NBC permit program verifies that the sewer system has sufficient capacity available to accommodate the new flows and that the flows are of acceptable quantity and quality.

Staff issue three different types of permits to contractors or property owners of residential or commercial properties located within the NBC service district.

  • Sanitary sewer connection permit — These permits are issued to all property owners and/or contractors that will be installing a service connection to the public sanitary sewer system.

  • Stormwater sewer connection permit — These permits are required for any property owner that has no other choice but to discharge stormwater from their project site to the NBC’s sewer system.

  • Sewer alteration permit — These permits are issued to contractors when a construction project involves the modification or exposure of any NBC owned structure, such as manhole covers or sewage pipes.

The applicant must ensure that their permit application package is complete and includes the completed NBC application form, building plans, site plans and the appropriate permit fee.  Once the completed application package is received by the NBC, the permit application can be processed and a permit can be issued.  The Permits Program strives to issue permits within 10 business days, with an average turnaround time of 2 business days.

Sample Sewer Connection Permit