Connection Permit Fees

The rates listed below are approved by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and cover the cost of program administration and field inspections performed by the NBC. 

These rates have been in effect since July 1, 2005.  Fees are applicable to all applications for a new service connection directly or indirectly to NBC facilities.  Fees are payable at the time of application by check or money order to the Narragansett Bay Commission.  To pay by credit card, please apply for permits online at

Residential Sewer Connection Permit Fees:

For property owners who are building or connecting a residential house to the public sewer system, the sewer connection fee is $260 per service connection.  All residential condominiums of six (6) units or less will be charged under residential tariffs.

Commercial/Industrial Sewer Connection Permit Fees: 

For property owners and developers connecting a commercial/industrial building to the public sewer system, the sewer connection fee is $779 per service connection.

Stormwater Permit Fees:

For property owners who cannot contain stormflow on site and wish to connect the stormflow from a commercial/industrial property to the combined public sewer system, the stormwater permit fee is $779 per connection.

Sewer Alteration Permit Fees:

There is no charge for an NBC Sewer Alteration Permit.

New building construction

Construction of new buildings within the NBC service district require the property owners and developers to obtain NBC sewer and stormwater connection permits. 

What if I do not obtain an NBC permit?

Failure to obtain the proper NBC permit may result in the imposition of fines, construction project shutdowns or delays, connecting improperly or to the wrong location or having to excavate the sewer connection to demonstrate a proper connection was made to the public sewer system.

The NBC Permit staff is available to assist applicants in completing and filing permit applications during normal business hours and will make every effort to work with an applicant to ensure that required plans, drawings, application and fees are submitted and a permit is issued in a timely manner.