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Narragansett Bay is cleaner and healthier than it has been in over 100 years. Transforming the Bay from an environmental tragedy to an international success story has required a careful combination of cutting-edge infrastructure, tireless advocacy and scientific research, robust education, and old-fashioned hard work. 

Infrastructure: The pipes under the ground, the wastewater treatment facilities, and the trained and committed environmentalists that keep these assets in excellent working order are critical for clean water, a healthy environment, and public health.

Advocacy & Research: We pursue sound science for the enhancement and sustainable management of Narragansett Bay and our urban rivers. Because we believe in transparency, we share this data with the public. Snapshot

Education: We provide free educational programs for curious minds from pre-school to adults  and we celebrate the accomplishments of others who share our clean water mission.

Hard Work: We help our neighbors improve their communities through sponsored river clean-ups and green infrastructure initiatives. We believe a healthy economy and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand, so we pursue efficient and fair permitting and regulatory processes for local businesses. We value the trust of our ratepayers and we manage the organization in an environmentally, fiscally, and socially responsible manner. Check out our Awards & Accomplishments