Chairman's River Restoration Program

In 2013, the Chairman's River Restoration Initiative expanded to include support to other community organizations who would like to pursue their own Earth Day River and Lake Cleanups, restoration or beautification projects in the form of grants ranging from $250 up to $1000. From 2013-2018, grantees galvanized over 8000 volunteers to make a difference for clean water in their communities.

The goal of the NBC 2019 Earth Day River Cleanup Grant Program is to continue on the previous years' successes and emphasize the importance of Earth Day 2019, the value of the environment, and provide assistance to organizations improving the quality of life in their communities. Grant applications for 2019 are due February 19. Download the application here

In 2018, 17 local groups received grants to help clean-ups in their communities. To find out more about these local activities, check out the NBC's Facebook page.