The NBC FOG Environmental Results Program

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The NBC FOG-ERP has been designed to improve the management of FOG by the local food service industry through a combination of: 1) Compliance Assistance, 2) Voluntary Self Evaluation, 3) Regulatory Inspections, and 4) Certification:

1. Compliance Assistance: Pollution Prevention Engineers from the University of Rhode Island and the NBC are available to meet with restaurant owners and managers both one-on-one and in educational workshop settings to help implement sound and sustainable FOG Best Management Practices and better comply with NBC regulations.

2. Self-Evaluation: Restaurant owners and/or operators will be given training through Compliance Assistance efforts to self-evaluate their facility in order to certify their FOG management practices utilizing the NBC Oil & Grease Compliance and Best Management Practices Workbook.

3. Regulatory Inspections: The NBC Pretreatment Program will continue to inspect all restaurants on a regular basis. Participation in the FOG-ERP will help firms prepare for regulatory inspections and help them comply with NBC regulations.

4. Certification: Restaurants that demonstrate a superior FOG management performance level will be issued a Certification of Best Management Practices which may be displayed in their place of business.

To participate in the NBC FOG-ERP complete the FOG Best Management Practices Certification Form include as an attachment to NBC Fats Oils & Grease Compliance and Best Management Practices Workbook (see links below) and mail the completed form to:

Narragansett Bay Commission
Pollution Prevention Program
One Service Road, Providence, RI 02905
Attention: James McCaughey, P.E.

Certification under the NBC FOG-ERP can help your business fulfill the requirements of the RIDEM’s Hospitality Green Certification for the Hospitality & Tourism Industry Program with respect to FOG management.