Grease Control Program

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The NBC Grease Removal Program goal is to control the discharge of fats, oils and grease from restaurants and food preparation facilities into the sewer system. Grease discharges are predominantly generated from washing and cleaning operations and not from fryolators or deep frying units as most people might think. The pot washing sinks and dishwasher pre-rinse stations in restaurants and food preparation facilities are the major sources of grease discharges to the sewer system.

The NBC controls the discharge of fats, oils and grease through the issuance of Wastewater Discharge Permits. All commercial and industrial facilities which may conduct food preparation operations are required to obtain a wastewater discharge permit from the NBC Pretreatment Section. Facilities required to obtain a discharge permit to control grease discharges may include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities, schools, nursing homes and other facilities that may have a cafeteria or commercial kitchen.

Typical permit requirements may include the installation of a Grease Removal or Recovery Unit (GRU) that meets NBC criteria, properly maintaining the GRU, and keeping records documenting GRU maintenance activities.